Our performers

Oded Prior
Since Oded was a kid he's been  
experimenting with objects laying around his home to create sounds and discovered that anything can be a drum, including the human body.
A big passion for Oded is creating instruments from junk.
After touring the world as a street performer he moved to Australia and created JUNKYARD BEATS.
Today he is the Creative Director of the Group and he loves teaching Body percussion workshops and getting people into creative recycling.
Marina Da Silva
Theo Fontes
Theo brings the swing and rhythm from Brazil straight to the stage. He is a percussionist and producer that played in a lot of bands and toured around South America with them. He has a Ska festival on the other side of the world. Now he is living in Australia, studying music and business. He is an integral part of the Junkyard Beats family!
Georgia Anderson
Georgia is a pocket-rocket, energised, passionate and versatile performer who started dancing at the age of 5. Georgia studied at Brent Street to receive her Cert. IV in the Performing Arts. She has most recently performed in Opera Australia’s “West Side Story” and performed in “The Box Show” with Junkyard Beats. Georgia is an incredible tap dancer, hard worker and a very positive, smiley person! she's known in the group as "BABY G"
Braeden Lee
Growing up in Central Queensland Braeden Lee started his performing career by training full-time Ballet and Contemporary Technique at the Queensland University of Technology.

Later moving to Sydney he continued his full-time training at Brent Street performing Arts. After graduating Braeden pursued a career as a commercial dancer and choreographer. Today he is the Director of his own dance company "Infinite Dance" and he is an integral part of the Junkyard Beats family.
Jes Subba
Jes was born and raised on the tropical island of Sri Lanka, where she discovered her passion for music, dance and performing. Growing up to different genres of music, she was intrigued by various rhythms and beats. Jes has a strong connection with Bollywood, the Caribbean and Afro-Latin dance styles and always admired drumming and percussion. She is so excited to take it to the next level and perform with her Junkyard Beats family!
Lucas Nadin
Lucas started his artistic career when he was 15 years old. He has studied theatre, cinema, television and he did his degree in Performing Arts. Lucas is full of Brazilian energy and lots of Latin flavor! he loves dancing, drumming and singing and he has also trained in yoga, guitar and brazilian percussion. In Brazil he was successful actor in many stage shows, novels and short movies. Today he lives in Sydney, modeling and performing with Junkyard Beats!
Lisa Frisina
Lisa’s work as a Sydney-based performer, choreographer and teacher is driven by her desire to create and share experiences in theatre. As a "dancey" member of Junkyard Beats, Lisa enjoys matching punchy, percussive sounds with unique, visual patterns. Determined to never miss a beat, Lisa will show up on stage with bells on...or boots, rather.
Leslie Marsh
Leslie’s drumming journey began as a 10 year old when he joined his local brass marching band. He soon jumped ship to punk bands, and from there began touring and recording with bands in a myriad of genres from funk to metal, maths prog to electro. Currently he plays drums with Nimeo - a French Aussie swing/soul group who spend their time chasing summer festivals from one continent to another.
Jess Innes
Jess is the pocket rocket of the group who dances to the beat of her own drum! She is the founder and director of Sydney's 100% Dance studio and her passion for performance has given her the opportunity to work on music videos, stage shows, television and travel all over the world. She can't wait to rock out with you at the next Junkyard Beats show!!
Tom Fitzsimons
Tom is a wildly passionate musician and artist who has traversed the creative landscapes to explore all things that catch his eyes and ears. His love affair for music began with piano & singing and soon developed to Digeridoo and Native American Flute. Tom brings an African inspired groove to the Beats crew, he loves traditional West African style of Djembe drumming and also loves working with kids and youth. On top of all that he is also a Yoga teacher and and a super positive, peaceful guy
Leizel Igadna
Leizel follows a life of creative expression through what ever outlet she can manage; dance, design, makeup, music, you name it, she's tried it. For the most part, her passion is dance and makeup artistry. She's been performing and teaching dance for 9 years and has been a makeup artist for 3. Leizel also has a passion for performing and can't wait to show you what she's got at the next Junkyard Beats show!
David Green
David is a Dancer specialized in Hip Hop and Breaking. He has performed with the ZBOYZ in Las Vegas and has recently finished working in China with PrettyBoySwagg.
David is brand new to the Junkyard Beats family but he is excited and ready for all the fun a craziness to come!
Tania Chodasewicz
Tania is a tap dancing machine. Working as a dance teacher in Primary Schools and Studios, Tania has a wealth of experience to draw from. Her inspiring presence and commitment to her passion of dance encourages others to push their boundaries.

One of Tania’s greatest joys is performing; whether that be on stage, in a hall full of students or just for her crazy family! Tania is a hardworking lovely human full of positive energy, smiles and awesome grooves!
Oskar Rubie
Oskar is youngest member in the history of Junkyard Beats! He became infatuated with music when he was 7 years old when he began piano lessons. Over time his passion brought him to percussion and jazz drums which he has studied for 7 years. In his spare time, Oskar explores different cuisines and how to cook food from many different cultures. The junkyard beats culture has become his love and his life.
He is known in the group as: "El Niño - The Kid "
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David Green

David is a Dancer specialized in Hip Hop and Breaking. He has performed with the ZBOYZ in Las Vegas and has recently finished working in China with PrettyBoySwagg. David is brand new to the Junkyard Beats family but he is excited and ready for all the fun a craziness to come!