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At Junkyard Beats we transform ordinary household items and recycled materials into musical instruments that are guaranteed to amaze and inspire students about music and sustainability.

We have run music-in-education programs, shows and professional workshops in schools and communities across Australia. Our school packages are perfectly designed to get students engaged, to foster their creativity and explore a whole new way of recycling!


Musical Wall


School Show

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Musical misfits from the faraway planet JUNKLANDIA embark on a mission to Earth to teach the earthlings the Junklandian ways of music and creative recycling!

This show is a spectacle of music, comedy, circus & dance that is guaranteed to blow your mind!

Using recycled materials and music as our main focus, we introduce students to the world of Junkyard Beats. The ENVIRO-Beats workshop is a one-of-a-kind experience where Environmental education becomes playful and interactive.

Using a wide range of recycled materials, we install a customised Musical Wall. Students can collaborate to explore everyday objects as musical instruments. This permanent installation will inspire students to look at junk in a whole new way.

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" Being a Music Teacher myself, I am always looking for creative ways for my students to learn. Junkyard Beats not only presented a fantastic Music performance, it also integrated ‘Greenie’ ideas and recycling themes. These themes tied in flawlessly with the school curriculum surrounding Environmental Awareness. "


Megan Fulko -Music Teacher

St Justin’s, Oran Park

" The students were fascinated with the sound sources and were completely engaged (who would have thought you could have so much fun with plastic bags!). The students were able to create layers of sounds working together using different recycled materials, body percussion and repeated vocal patterns. "

Nita Lawrie - Music Co-ordinator, Primary Music Teacher

Christadelphian Heritage College

" Their show was upbeat, entertaining, fun, respectful, age appropriate and really funny whilst teaching children about caring for our environment. Their skills as musicians are amazing and they definitely had us all moving and grooving to their beats.

100% entertainment plus the fact that the team is so genuine, honest, reliable and overall so pleasant to deal with is a bonus. "

Sophie Paparziotis

(Cheeky Monkeys Day Care Centre)

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