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Junkyard Beats & Bondi Pavilion


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The Box Show has been traveling around Australia since 2017, one of our theatrical productions. It's a 60 - minute family show designed to excite the imagination of children and adults alike. We follow four characters during their daily activities in a world made of cardboard boxes and junk. With a language of gibberish and rhythm (Rhythmish), this show is accessible to any age and nationality. The contents of an abandoned kitchen become the greatest drum set in the world. Pipes from a plumber’s van produces eerie melodies, plastic bags are an amazing musical instrument and wheelie bins suddenly get a whole new meaning…

Tag along for a day in the life of a bunch of musical misfits as they reinvigorate the junk that the world has forgotten. 

" The climax of the show is a selection of garbage bins that they bang like drum kits, kicking and whacking the lids and sides to make all kinds of different rhythms and noises. The audience stand and cheer wanting more from the performers. The crowd is full of smiles as they exit the stage. " 

The Source News

" The demand from schools was so high it resulted in a waitlist of 1,200 children!! Once again, schools have enthusiastically booked to The Box Show and we have 4 performances completely sold out across 2 days.

Some schools are travelling up to 100kms to attend.”


Bec Washington, Event Services Coordinator, Glasshouse Port Macquarie

Directed by: Nigel Turner-Carroll

Written by: Oded Prior and Nigel Turner-Carroll

Producer/Founder: Oded Prior

Performers: Oded Prior, Rose Callaghan, Lucas Nadin, and Tania Gould 


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